Factory Style Low Profile, any Profile White Letter Tires/Tire Kits

Factory Style Low profile, any profile White Letter Tires Kits

America’s Supercar (Ford GT) looks so right with our Raised White Letter kits.

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Your Search is OVER.  Factory Style Low profile, any profile White Letter Tires Kits are the answer to the dilemma that tire manufacturers do not offer RWL tires in low profile sizes, or just about ANY size these days.



Tested at sustained speeds over 150mph!!

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Goodyear White Letter Tires Kit on Challenger

White Letter Tires Kit Look Great on this Challenger

Transform any set of tires- Low Profile to Any Profile- into white letter tires.

*TredWear is not affiliated with and not sponsored by any of the tire manufacturers. Our “white letter tires” tire lettering kits are only made to fit the tires.

Our innovative white letter inserts allow you to turn any set of tires into REAL white letter tires without the time, mess and fast-fading results of tire paint.  Factory Style for Low profile, any profile White Letter Tires Kits for your vehicle are here now!  We will make your “white letter tires” kits to match the letters or numbers on all types of tires, minus any logos.  Each order receives the white letters and numbers with the special adhesive that perfectly fits all tires, regardless of size or type.  Why don’t they make RWL tires in low profile sizes?  Here at TredWear we are not sure but now you don’t have to wonder any more.  Regardless whether you have a 38.5/15 Mud tire on your 76 Bronco or a low profile 335/30r20 on you Aventador, Nothing is too exotic!  We have the solution!

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Our white letter tires kits can be applied in minutes, giving a show quality appearance that stands up under scrutiny.  Friends will wonder how you found factory Raised White Letter tires which are unavailable in that size.  Factory Style Low profile, any profile White Letter Tires Kits will fit ANY size tire.  The tire lettering kits last the life of your tire, saving you the hours of application and re-application that tire paint will costs.  Our patented combination of durable rubber letters and instant adhesive actually work together to bond the white letters to to your tires like they were part of the sidewall.  We guarantee that if installed correctly, our white letter tires will last the life of your tire.  Nothing takes a brutal pounding like a big truck tire.  Our kits were tested for 100,000 miles of the hardest abuse on semi tires.  They have even been reported to survive the retread process.

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Each Factory Style Low profile, any profile White Letter Tires Kits will complete a single tire.  All Factory Style white letter tire kits are $24.95 per tire.  Every order will receive our custom cut rubber letters with advanced adhesive to convert your BORING black-walls into head-turning tires.  In addition, you get the value of saved time and frustration.

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NEW!  Add a special ICON to your tire!  We can even create a new one!

New! Special tire graphics  for your tires mix and match these with your message for added visual punch

New! Special tire graphics for your tires mix and match these with your exact match lettering for added visual punch

Choose one of our in-stock icons above for only 5.00 each tire!

Yes, we do ship our white letter tires kits internationally!

NOTE:  If factory lettering on tires are painted, all paint must be completely removed before you can begin the tire lettering installation process.

If we do not have your file in our database, a new file will have to be generated.  This requires additional time and sometimes cost.  However, we can waive the special digitizing fees if you can simply text or email a couple of photographs.  See example below-

GOOD The pic is straight and the letters are not warped by perspective.

NOT GOOD The picture is not straight and the letters are warped.

The yellow car is a good picture the orange one is not.  Your picture should look like the top one for best results.  *****Straight on, not at an angle(which distorts the image), and a ruler for reference.  If you send us pictures like this we can produce an great kit every time! If you picture is warped the letters will be too.

A new method we are using is to take a rubbing of the tire.  This is even more accurate since it eliminates the curve of the tire as a factor.  Simply take a sheet of copy paper and rub a crayon or similar over it until you get a nice impression.  Then take the rubbing and place on a table.  Hold your phone above until all four sides are visible and straight like the picture below and text to us.  No measuring needed!

Photo Oct 10, 10 44 14 PM

TIPS on How to install Your REAL raised white letter tire kits.

Please see our new install video for answers.

See our cleaning video to illustrate how to prep your DIRTY tire.

For best results, tire lettering needs to be installed in the upright position.  Do not try to work upside down.  Do the top section, on all four tires and roll the car.  It is much easier when the letters are not upside down.

  1. All kit materials and tires must be dry and kept in a climate no colder than 50˚F for a minimum of one hour before installation.
  2. Clean backside of letters and tire sidewall letters with rubber cleaner or a strong degreaser thoroughly and let dry.  Repeat this step (sometimes up to 5 times depending upon the residue buildup) until the rag comes away clean with no new residue.  You also know you are done when the rag does not want to move in a scrubbing motion any longer due to excess friction from the clean rubber.  If your tire is not sufficiently clean, the letters will not be permanent!
  3. Apply glue to the outline of the rubber letter, then fill in letter thinly and evenly distributing the glue.  Do not use so much that it squeezes out and runs.  Best results require a thin, even coat.
  4. Apply pressure to letter, letting glue set for 15-30 seconds while rubbing from center to outside of decal to remove air bubbles.
  5. Let set for one hour for proper adhesion.
  6. Remember, If you need to letter the bottom of the tire, wait for the top to cure and then rotate the bottom into the top position.
  7. Look how great your white letter tires look!

Yes, we do ship our Factory Style Low profile, any profile White Letter Tires Kits internationally!

One kit needed PER TIRE

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Please Enter Make Model and SIZE tire you have so that we may produce your Factory Style White letter tire kits.  This information can be included in the special comments section in the Shopping Cart Checkout page, or simply email your letter request to the email above.

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  • If the tires are older than 1 year please note as styles can change

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One kit needed PER TIRE